Working with Cree

Sports Interiors partners with Cree to manufacture the LED fixture we use for indoor tennis applications.  I wanted to share some information about Cree and the value of having our relationship with them.  Cree is an American worldwide manufacturer and marketer of lighting-class LEDs, lighting products and products for power and radio frequency applications.  Here’s the link to Cree’s website:

To begin with, the Cree-manufactured LED fixture we use for indoor tennis applications delivers energy savings, better light, and maintenance-free operation compared to more traditional forms of incandescent light we’ve seen used for indoor tennis facilities.  The lightweight construction and mounting feature allows for a quick and easy installation, this proves especially important as we’re installing hundreds of these per facility.  Additionally, the LED fixture delivers 80+ CRI which is vital for indoor tennis as we’re able to not only increase light levels, but deliver improved quality of light so the ability to see the tennis ball is greatly increased.  What really makes the Cree LED fixture perform so well is that it’s designed with color modulation that casts light that makes everything look more vibrant and thus allowing for better visuals like attempting to track a fuzzy yellow ball around a tennis court.

Partnering with Cree has tremendous value for Sports Interiors as Cree is a leading innovator of LED chips, components, and complete lighting systems.  Furthermore, the warranty Cree carries along with the service and personnel that we can rely on is vital for Sports Interiors success.  The support and communication we receive from our counterparts at Cree has allowed Sports Interiors to scale its operation to meet increased demand over the last few years. 

Sports Interiors looks forward to continuing our strong partnership with Cree for years to come as we strive for continued growth in our industry. 

Partnering with the ITA


Beginning in April of last year, Sports Interiors entered into a partnership with the Intercollegiate Tennis Association (ITA) to educate their member Universities about the benefits of our LED Tennis Lighting System and our shared vision of focusing on the betterment of tennis.  I wanted to share our company’s experiences of working with the ITA and delivering on that mutual vision.

The ITA is the governing body of college tennis and oversees both men’s and women’s varsity tennis for NCAA Division I,II,III, NAIA and Junior/Community College divisions.  For the numbers people out there, the ITA oversees 15,000+ student athletes, 1,300 coaches, 1,700 teams, and 1,500 officials.  Additionally, they administer both the rankings program and awards for players, coaches, and teams for their accomplishments on and off the court.  I have been fortunate enough to have interacted with the ITA as a collegiate tennis player and as a partner which has provided me with a unique perspective of their organization and personnel.  The people at the ITA are truly wonderful to work with as they are extremely personable and are passionate about the game of tennis.  The communication, coordination, and planning we receive from them as a partner creates a very dynamic opportunity for our company to educate the ITA’s member Universities about our LED Tennis Lighting System. 

Our partnership has led to us beginning to work with Universities as we just completed an implementation of both our LED Tennis Lighting and Reflective Ceiling Liner at the University of Illinois’ Atkins Tennis Center.  It’s a huge privilege to work with the University of Illinois who has some of the best tennis programs in the country.  Through our partnership with the ITA, it helped create the opportunity for us to work with Illinois on their indoor tennis facility.  Our LED Tennis Lighting System and Reflective Ceiling Liner helps to drive home our shared vision of improving the experience of college tennis.  We look forward to continuing to partner with the ITA and to serve the needs of collegiate indoor tennis facilities. 

For more information on the ITA, visit the ITA website at, like the ITA on Facebook or follow @ITA_Tennis on Twitter and Instagram.


The Leader in Health Club Management Software

With how much time we spend in athletic clubs, we’ve become very familiar with some of the other companies operating in the same types of facilities.  One of those we know quite well is Club Automation, which is a leading cloud-based software provider that helps the health and athletic industry to manage their facilities more efficiently.  Many of the clubs we’ve worked with to install our LED Tennis Lighting and Reflective Ceiling Liner also are a customer of Club Automation.   In fact, our company owners use Club Automation in all of our own athletic clubs.

Here’s a video about the company: 



Founded in 2007, Club Automation is a leading   health club management software   for consumer-based businesses, including health & athletic clubs and medically integrated wellness centers. Club Automation's complete web-based solution currently serves over 300 enterprise-grade facilities nationwide. For more information and product detail, you can visit Club Automation's website at

The Installation Process

It’s common this time of the year for facilities to consider making upgrades and renovations to their facilities as many activities such as tennis transition from inside to outside.  Endless questions surface regarding the entire process of an installation…which they should if a club owner or manager is doing his due diligence.  Take for instance, a facility is considering installing a new lighting system in their indoor tennis court area.  On top of the typical questions such as: How much will this cost?  What light levels can I expect? And so and so forth…another key question to consider is what’s included in the installation process?

To begin with, I personally have witnessed both positive and somewhat negative installations.  One of the first considerations is how long will the process take?  Many companies state they’re able to complete one tennis court a day, maybe two.  To add to this, I’d ask how many courts need to be shut down during the installation process.  It’s obvious that tennis clubs want to keep as many tennis courts up and running as possible as they’re critical to revenue generation for the club.  An LED Tennis Lighting company that knows what they are doing remains flexible to accommodate the needs of the club to minimize disruption to club operations.  For example, our crews of installers will work around reserved court times and even work at night. 

Another important consideration is the planning prior to the installation.  A company that plans well ahead of time and communicates thoroughly with the facility they’re working with will cut down on the time needed for the installation.  From personal experience, I have encountered installations in progress that were very disorganized, slow-moving, and thus generated frustration on behalf of the facility stakeholders.  It is critical to thoroughly understand how the installation will take place from start to finish on both sides of the table to minimize any sort of unexpected delays or issues, which always seem to surface.  Our operations team exhaustively plans out each project so our electricians and crews are confident that there won’t be any surprises when they arrive on-site.

From our owners to electricians to our crew, we pride ourselves on the work we do to maximize the experience of working with Sports Interiors and minimize the installation time.  Give us a call today or send us an email to discuss how simple we make the implementation process as this is a great time to make some improvements to your facility.


Working with non-tennis facilities

For the past 25 years Sports Interiors has focused most of its energy on the indoor tennis court experience with regards to installing our highly reflective and durable Ceiling Liner and indirect Tennis Lighting System.  Although the indoor tennis industry is a niche market in the grand scheme of things, it requires a considerable amount of time to perfect the system of delivering a turnkey solution for implementing our Ceiling Liner and Tennis Lighting Systems.  With the success of both our Reflective Ceiling Liner and LED Systems in the indoor tennis market, it has created some interest from facilities for their non-tennis spaces to install both our Ceiling Liner and LED System.

Most of the interest in our systems typically is derived from an athletic club where we’re working with them to install our Ceiling Liner and LED System for their indoor tennis courts and we’re asked if we can work with another part of the facility.  One of the best examples is when we were working with Burke Racquet and Swim in Virginia to install our LED Tennis Lighting System for their indoor tennis courts when they asked whether our Reflective Ceiling Liner would be a viable option for their aquatic center.  Based upon the needs of Burke’s Aquatic Center, our Reflective Ceiling Liner was a great option for delivering what they wanted.  Not only does our Reflective Ceiling Liner withstand any sort of tennis ball abuse, but it also creates an aesthetically pleasing ceiling space as it can cover up any sort of piping or electricals.  With the successful installation of our Ceiling Liner at Burke’s Aquatic Center, it has led to considerable interest from other athletic clubs who have a pool area and beyond.

Another non-tennis area of an athletic club that we have increasingly worked with is the gym or fitness area.  The combination of our Reflective Ceiling Liner and indirect LED System can create a visually pleasing environment for exercise where there is no glare and it isn’t exceedingly too bright.  We have installed our Ceiling Liner and LED System in many gym areas of clubs with an increasing demand from facilities that don’t even have indoor tennis courts.  For many sports where there is a highly likely chance to have to look up into the ceiling, our indirect LED System eliminates the chance for glare while our Reflective Ceiling Liner will ensure appropriate light levels are delivered. 

While the indoor tennis space will continue to be a major focus for us, the internal growth of our organization and overall demand across the country has led to the opportunity for us to expand into different athletic spaces to deliver a Ceiling Liner and LED System that will create visually appealing and appropriate settings.  Give us a call or contact us through our website to discuss how we can enhance your facility.