The importance of lighting for indoor tennis

If you’ve ever been to an athletic club with indoor tennis courts, you would have probably noticed the familiar layout of the tennis court with its net running down the middle along with the singles and doubles lines.  You may have noticed the color of the tennis courts as well, but what about the lighting? One of the first things I typically notice is whether the tennis courts have what seems to be good lighting..but what makes good lighting for indoor tennis?

There are a few things to consider when determining good lighting for indoor tennis such as the level of tennis that will be played at the facility.  Illumination levels for a specific facility should be chosen based on the highest skill level, or spectator and tv requirements that will take place at the facility.  I get asked all the time from owners and managers of indoor tennis facilities what light levels are appropriate for their facility.  A great resource for additional information on recommended illumination for indoor tennis courts is the American Sports Builders Association which offers a plethora of information regarding tennis court construction, design, and light levels.

 Sports Interiors’ founders own and operate athletic clubs with indoor tennis courts which has allowed us to continually test and improve our approach to indoor tennis lighting over our 26-year history.  We’ve spent considerable time researching and testing how to apply our LED System to not only improve light levels but ensure even distribution of light.  It’s important to make sure that light levels stay consistent across the playing area of the tennis court.  We also factor in the condition of the ceiling which may include exposed beams and purlins or have a white liner material like what we offer in a highly durable and reflective ceiling system.  We understand that each indoor tennis space is unique and so we carefully plan out the design and implementation phases of the lighting installation to ensure optimal light levels.  We work with the facility owners and managers to ensure that we’re delivering light levels they require for the level of tennis played at their respective facility.  Additionally, we’ve worked with a lot of managers and owners who weren’t exactly sure what appropriate light levels should be at their club. 

 There is a lot that could be written here about indoor tennis lighting as I’ve only touched the surface.  If there’s any interest in discussing our approach to improving the indoor tennis playing experience through our LED Tennis Lighting System, we’re always happy to discuss.