Incentives for LED Indoor Tennis Lighting

There are many reasons to consider installing LED Lighting for your facility.  From the energy and maintenance savings to dramatically improved light quality, the combination can create a compelling case to consider installation.  Additionally, utility companies across the country are offering money for commercial facilities to implement more efficient lighting.  Some rebate programs offer more money than others, but even a small incentive can greatly impact the decision to move forward with implementing a proven LED Tennis Lighting System.  A valuable resource for information on the various rebate programs is the Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency (DSIRE):

 As a part of our turnkey process, we handle all the legwork to help secure rebate money for our clients as the pre-approval process can require a substantial amount of time and energy.  We have a designated person in our office who specializes in managing the life cycle of a rebate for each one of our customers.  This helps to make the entire process significantly easier for the customer, so they can focus on running their facility.  Typically, all we need to begin the pre-approval process for securing rebate money is a copy of a monthly utility bill.  From there, we’ll initiate the pre-approval process.  In addition, Sports Interiors offers financing programs to simplify the overall process even further.  Your rebate can even be used to help offset the overall amount you plan to finance creating a very financially compelling opportunity to implement a proven, LED Tennis Lighting System.  Furthermore, the combination of rebates and our financing package have allowed many of our customers the opportunity to implement our Reflective Ceiling Liner as well, creating the optimal indoor tennis playing experience. 


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