Working with non-tennis facilities

For the past 25 years Sports Interiors has focused most of its energy on the indoor tennis court experience with regards to installing our highly reflective and durable Ceiling Liner and indirect Tennis Lighting System.  Although the indoor tennis industry is a niche market in the grand scheme of things, it requires a considerable amount of time to perfect the system of delivering a turnkey solution for implementing our Ceiling Liner and Tennis Lighting Systems.  With the success of both our Reflective Ceiling Liner and LED Systems in the indoor tennis market, it has created some interest from facilities for their non-tennis spaces to install both our Ceiling Liner and LED System.

Most of the interest in our systems typically is derived from an athletic club where we’re working with them to install our Ceiling Liner and LED System for their indoor tennis courts and we’re asked if we can work with another part of the facility.  One of the best examples is when we were working with Burke Racquet and Swim in Virginia to install our LED Tennis Lighting System for their indoor tennis courts when they asked whether our Reflective Ceiling Liner would be a viable option for their aquatic center.  Based upon the needs of Burke’s Aquatic Center, our Reflective Ceiling Liner was a great option for delivering what they wanted.  Not only does our Reflective Ceiling Liner withstand any sort of tennis ball abuse, but it also creates an aesthetically pleasing ceiling space as it can cover up any sort of piping or electricals.  With the successful installation of our Ceiling Liner at Burke’s Aquatic Center, it has led to considerable interest from other athletic clubs who have a pool area and beyond.

Another non-tennis area of an athletic club that we have increasingly worked with is the gym or fitness area.  The combination of our Reflective Ceiling Liner and indirect LED System can create a visually pleasing environment for exercise where there is no glare and it isn’t exceedingly too bright.  We have installed our Ceiling Liner and LED System in many gym areas of clubs with an increasing demand from facilities that don’t even have indoor tennis courts.  For many sports where there is a highly likely chance to have to look up into the ceiling, our indirect LED System eliminates the chance for glare while our Reflective Ceiling Liner will ensure appropriate light levels are delivered. 

While the indoor tennis space will continue to be a major focus for us, the internal growth of our organization and overall demand across the country has led to the opportunity for us to expand into different athletic spaces to deliver a Ceiling Liner and LED System that will create visually appealing and appropriate settings.  Give us a call or contact us through our website to discuss how we can enhance your facility.