The Leader in Health Club Management Software

With how much time we spend in athletic clubs, we’ve become very familiar with some of the other companies operating in the same types of facilities.  One of those we know quite well is Club Automation, which is a leading cloud-based software provider that helps the health and athletic industry to manage their facilities more efficiently.  Many of the clubs we’ve worked with to install our LED Tennis Lighting and Reflective Ceiling Liner also are a customer of Club Automation.   In fact, our company owners use Club Automation in all of our own athletic clubs.

Here’s a video about the company: 



Founded in 2007, Club Automation is a leading   health club management software   for consumer-based businesses, including health & athletic clubs and medically integrated wellness centers. Club Automation's complete web-based solution currently serves over 300 enterprise-grade facilities nationwide. For more information and product detail, you can visit Club Automation's website at