The Installation Process

It’s common this time of the year for facilities to consider making upgrades and renovations to their facilities as many activities such as tennis transition from inside to outside.  Endless questions surface regarding the entire process of an installation…which they should if a club owner or manager is doing his due diligence.  Take for instance, a facility is considering installing a new lighting system in their indoor tennis court area.  On top of the typical questions such as: How much will this cost?  What light levels can I expect? And so and so forth…another key question to consider is what’s included in the installation process?

To begin with, I personally have witnessed both positive and somewhat negative installations.  One of the first considerations is how long will the process take?  Many companies state they’re able to complete one tennis court a day, maybe two.  To add to this, I’d ask how many courts need to be shut down during the installation process.  It’s obvious that tennis clubs want to keep as many tennis courts up and running as possible as they’re critical to revenue generation for the club.  An LED Tennis Lighting company that knows what they are doing remains flexible to accommodate the needs of the club to minimize disruption to club operations.  For example, our crews of installers will work around reserved court times and even work at night. 

Another important consideration is the planning prior to the installation.  A company that plans well ahead of time and communicates thoroughly with the facility they’re working with will cut down on the time needed for the installation.  From personal experience, I have encountered installations in progress that were very disorganized, slow-moving, and thus generated frustration on behalf of the facility stakeholders.  It is critical to thoroughly understand how the installation will take place from start to finish on both sides of the table to minimize any sort of unexpected delays or issues, which always seem to surface.  Our operations team exhaustively plans out each project so our electricians and crews are confident that there won’t be any surprises when they arrive on-site.

From our owners to electricians to our crew, we pride ourselves on the work we do to maximize the experience of working with Sports Interiors and minimize the installation time.  Give us a call today or send us an email to discuss how simple we make the implementation process as this is a great time to make some improvements to your facility.