Working with Cree

Sports Interiors partners with Cree to manufacture the LED fixture we use for indoor tennis applications.  I wanted to share some information about Cree and the value of having our relationship with them.  Cree is an American worldwide manufacturer and marketer of lighting-class LEDs, lighting products and products for power and radio frequency applications.  Here’s the link to Cree’s website:

To begin with, the Cree-manufactured LED fixture we use for indoor tennis applications delivers energy savings, better light, and maintenance-free operation compared to more traditional forms of incandescent light we’ve seen used for indoor tennis facilities.  The lightweight construction and mounting feature allows for a quick and easy installation, this proves especially important as we’re installing hundreds of these per facility.  Additionally, the LED fixture delivers 80+ CRI which is vital for indoor tennis as we’re able to not only increase light levels, but deliver improved quality of light so the ability to see the tennis ball is greatly increased.  What really makes the Cree LED fixture perform so well is that it’s designed with color modulation that casts light that makes everything look more vibrant and thus allowing for better visuals like attempting to track a fuzzy yellow ball around a tennis court.

Partnering with Cree has tremendous value for Sports Interiors as Cree is a leading innovator of LED chips, components, and complete lighting systems.  Furthermore, the warranty Cree carries along with the service and personnel that we can rely on is vital for Sports Interiors success.  The support and communication we receive from our counterparts at Cree has allowed Sports Interiors to scale its operation to meet increased demand over the last few years. 

Sports Interiors looks forward to continuing our strong partnership with Cree for years to come as we strive for continued growth in our industry.