The Laver Cup

laver cup.jpg

With the second edition of the Laver Cup heading to Chicago’s United Center this weekend, I thought I should do a post about the event. For those of us not very familar with this event, here’s a nice preview of whats to come this weekend: Laver Cup 2018 Preview

Let’s begin with a little background on the event. The Laver Cup is an international indoor hard court men’s tennis tournament between two teams: Team Europe and Team World. Held annually, the tournament takes place two weeks after the US Open, with the location rotating. The tournament is named after Australian tennis legend, Rob Laver, who is regarded as one of the greatest of all time.

Regarding the format, each team has six competitors where there are 12 matches played over three days (9 singles and 3 doubles), with the number of point awarded for victories increasing each day. Each player take the court once or twice for singles, with at least four of the six taking part in doubles. All matches are played as best-of-three, with a 10-point tiebreaker if play goes to a third set. For this upcoming Laver Cup, Bjorn Borg of Sweden (Team Europe) and John McEnroe of the US (Team World) will serve as captains for the first 3 editions.

Although Sports Interiors will not be attending this year’s Laver Cup, we’re excited to see how the matches will play out this weekend. Furthermore, many of us hope that events such as the Laver Cup will bump tennis out of its comfortable old routines.