Indestructible Shoes

A few weeks ago , our company was approached by the founder of Indestructible Shoes asking if we’d be interested in trying out a pair of his shoes and provide some feedback. We were sent two pairs of shoes so we had one of our company founders, Rob Van Dixhorn, as well as Elmer Camarena, Project Manager, give them a try. Both Rob and Elmer spend most of the day on their feet whether they’re at a construction site, on the farm, or working at our warehouse; so they are the perfect candidates to try a new steel-toe show for people on the move. Here’s what they had to say about their experience wearing Indestructible Shoes:

The first thing we noticed right out of the box was their sleek and ‘cool’ design. Typically a workman’s boot has a particular style that is tall and stiff and heavy. These shoes look more like sneakers which our team really liked and have the appearance that they could be worn in more casual settings and not appear out of place. Once the team put them on the transition to using them on our job sites was seamless. Our team members are regularly mobile on project sites, from climbing and carrying heavy items to standing in specific spots for long periods of time. The shoes provided a high level of comfort and flexibility to allow them to do the work they needed to without them being a distraction or hindrance to the project. To find a shoe that provides the support needed for an active project site while also offering comfort and mobility to the unpredictable conditions they encounter has proved to be a big benefit to them and they were extremely happy with the shoes received. We would recommend these to anyone looking to think outside the more traditional styles of steel-toed shoes for construction sites.

To learn more about Indestructible Shoes, check out their website: Indestructible Shoes