Lighting Applications for Indoor Tennis

When lighting an indoor tennis court, the primary goal is to deliver good visibility allowing the participants and spectators to follow the progress of the game.  The tennis ball, regardless of its location and speed, should always be clearly visible.  Creating respectable visibility requires enough contrast to be created between objects and their background, good illumination levels and uniform distribution of light across the playing surface.  This last statement summarizes what can be found on the International Tennis Federation’s very informative website for anything tennis, including a wealth of information on how to appropriately light a tennis court.  Here’s the link to the ITF website:


Sports Interiors delivers an indirect lighting application for our indoor tennis installations.  Our company founders determined through extensive testing of different lighting applications at their own indoor tennis facilities that indirect lighting for indoor tennis would be better than a direct lighting application.  Furthermore, our highly durable and reflective ceiling liner coupled with our indirect lighting system, allows us to create the optimal indoor tennis playing environment that adheres to what the International Tennis Federation recommends on their website.  Our LED Tennis Lighting System delivers excellent illumination levels and with how we apply our system, we also bring consistent distribution of light across the playing area.  We take it a step further with our indirect LED System as we eliminate any potential issues of glare since our LED System points up at the ceiling and reflects back onto the playing area.  The combination of our Reflective Ceiling Liner and LED Tennis Lighting System delivers one of the best indoor tennis playing experiences as we can mimic playing outdoors with the brightness of our LED System yet eliminate any possibility of glare. Over our 26-year history, our focus remains improving the indoor tennis playing experience through turnkey applications of our systems.