Recapping 2018 and this year so far...

This post is a little late to the table I suppose, but nonetheless, we wanted to offer an ever so brief recap.of 2018 for Sports Interiors. This past year was another very successful one for us as we continued to help facilities improve the indoor tennis playing experience. In congruence with the past few years, 2018 was another very busy one for our company as we had 60+ implementations across the country. While our bread and butter continues to be delivering turnkey installations of our Liner Material and LED System for indoor tennis, demand increased outside our traditional realm of working with indoor tennis court areas. These non-indoor tennis projects included many fitness areas of clubs, basketball gyms, CrossFit Gyms, Pickleball facilities (which will continue to grow in popularity), community centers, the USTA, and some multi-state athletic club organizations. We are extremely proud to be able to work with so many different facilities to help them improve the experience they can offer to their membership or whoever uses their facilities.

There has been no slowdown thus far in 2019 for Sports Interiors as we’ve already completed a few installations this year. Due to the careful planning that goes into each project, we are able to deliver quick implementations of our reflective liner for ceilings and walls along and our LED Tennis Lighting System while ensuring minimal disruption to club operations.

We are eager to continue working with facilities to help them improve the experiences they offer to their membership, athletic teams, or whomever may be using their facilities. Whether it’s new construction, a major renovation, or other questions, we’re eager to discuss your potential project give you our recommendation. We look forward to another great year at Sports Interiors.