Planning your next indoor court project

As the weather continues to improve and tennis programs move to outdoor courts, many athletic clubs and facilities begin planning renovations and improvements to the indoor tennis courts area. This may include court resurfacing, changing out light bulbs or possibly adding a liner and insulation to the ceiling and walls. As a part of the Sports Interiors turnkey implementation process, we pride ourselves on the amount of planning and coordination we put into each and every project to ensure that we minimize disruption to facility operations.

For the last 26 years, Sports Interiors has utilized it own crews of electricians and foremen to install our systems. This should be a critical part of the decision making process for indoor tennis facilities that are considering new lighting or liner. Our crews are not only very quick with the implementation process, but are professional, courteous, and understand the appropriate etiquette that is expected for tennis court areas. We have heard from tennis facilities about some of the nightmare installations they’ve encountered at their own clubs by working with a lighting company that contracts out the installation. Sports Interiors has its own Operations Team with years of construction experience and project planning that ensures we deliver an efficient installation and give our clients peace of mind.

If your facility is considering improving the indoor tennis court area, give us a call to discuss how we can help improve the indoor tennis playing experience.