The Importance of Efficient Implementation

When an athletic club or indoor tennis facility is mulling an upgrade to either the lighting system or possibly installing a liner system on the ceiling or walls of the club, one of the main considerations should include the actual installation process.

Sports Interiors has a designated operations team that handles all of the planning, preparation, and communication leading up to the start of a project. Each and every project has a team of Sports Interiors personnel carefully planning the installation process to ensure that we minimize disruption to club operations. Since we handle everything including the installation, we are able to not only be very quick with getting in and out of a club, but we are flexible in that we can work around scheduled court times. This has allowed us to continue doing installations through the peak of the indoor tennis season as we’ve worked with some of the busiest clubs in the country.

The person leading our implementations is Alex Horton, our VP of Operations. Alex has extensive experience in the construction industry with project planning and execution which has translated really well into the indoor tennis industry. With Alex on board, Sports Interiors delivers not only a quick installation process, but ensures that we maintain consistent communication with the management of the facility we’re working with.

Contact us if interested in discussing our implementation process and overall mission of improving the indoor tennis playing experience.