WTA "It Takes" Announcement

It Takes.jpg

The Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) announced this week its new global marketing campaign “It Takes”, designed to showcase the spirit, authenticity and diversity that is characteristic of the world’s best tennis players and the iconic WTA tournaments in which they compete. To help build the campaign, the WTA consulted over 140 players about the driving forces that have formed each of their individual personalities and that resonate most deeply with them as elite athletes, both on and off the court. This process resulted in a series of personally-felt characteristics such as “It Takes HEART”, “It Takes FIGHT”, “It Takes BELIEF” and “It Takes PURPOSE”, to name a few.

“We worked very closely with players and tournaments, because ‘It Takes’ is about their own identity,” WTA president Micky Lawler said in an interview. “No two players are the same. What drives them? What does it take for them? There will be common factors, of course, but it is a very individually-tailored campaign.”

The “It Takes” campaign, the first major marketing campaign by the Tour since 2015's "Power to inspire" will appear in a variety of media including broadcast, print and digital advertisements and will be customized for the unique tournament locations across the WTA’s 29-country calendar. Last season, the WTA was watched by a record-breaking global audience of 600 million. Its 2019 season consists of 55 events, and finishes with the inaugural WTA Finals in Shenzhen, China in October, which will offer a record prize money pot of $14 million. That’s $5 million more than the season-ending ATP Finals for the men in London.

To see the launch spot for the campaign, click on the video below.