The Benefits of a Liner System for Ceilings and Walls

Sports Interiors’ entrance into the indoor tennis industry first began about 30 years ago when owner of College Park Athletic Club and founder of Sports Interiors, Henry Van Dixhorn, had an open-web truss ceiling and an indirect lighting system in his indoor tennis court area.  The problem with an open web truss ceiling is that it sucks up a tremendous amount of light.  After months of testing out different materials for a possible ceiling liner, Sports Interiors found a solution that resolved all of the issues encountered. 

Fast forward to today and Sports Interiors has installed our Liner System in hundreds of athletic facilities.  The System has earned its name and stellar reputation for many reasons.  Our System brightens and finishes interiors and includes an extremely durable material strong enough that it can take countless direct hits from hockey pucks.  Additionally, we can install insulation behind the liner for increased electrical savings. 


Here is a before picture of a facility before we installed our Liner System on the Ceiling and Walls of the indoor tennis court area:

Grand Rapids RC - Before.jpg

Here is a picture of the same facility after we installed our Liner System on the Ceiling and Walls:

Grand Rapids RC - After pic.jpg


Some of the key features of our Liner System include:

·         Brightens Interiors

o   25% to 30% fewer light fixtures needed

o   Up to a 30% increase in foot candle levels

o   Electrical savings

o   Reduces demand charges

o   Equalizes light distribution

·         Durability

o   Resilient against balls, pucks, and other flying objects

o   Lengthens service life of ceilings and walls

o   Features welded seams

·         Image and appearance enhancement

o   Improves interiors appearance

o   Covers unsightly dust collecting structure

o   Reduces shadows

·         Acoustics

o   Absorbs 75% to 85% of the noicse

o   Easier for staff to instruct and converse


The Sports Interiors Liner System can improve your facility’s image and save you money whether your facility is for tennis, soccer, a gym, or fitness center.  It installs easily, insulates the interior and provides an attractive interiors finish.  We apply our Liner System in new construction and renovations of existing buildings and energy savings of 50% are not uncommon.  If interested in a quote or would like to discuss what we might recommend for your facility, let’s chat.