College Tennis in the Fall

The fall College tennis season is well underway now and Sports Interiors has been enjoying all the great tennis it’s been able to watch recently. The 44th annual Milwaukee Tennis Classic was a great event to attend as there were Division 1 teams from all over the country participating. Thanks to the Intercollegiate Tennis Association, Sports Interiors was able to partner with the Milwaukee Tennis Classic to promote college tennis as well as our work improving indoor tennis facilities as we continue to educate colleges and universities about our approach to delivering the best indoor tennis experience through our LED and Liner Systems.

Photo Sep 20, 11 57 42 AM.jpg

As Sports Interiors continues to build relationships with college and universities, we’re excited about all of the upcoming tennis still to be played this fall. We’ll be tuning in via Playsight for their awesome live streaming of college tennis matches from around the country. We’re excited to be working with so many college and universities to improve their indoor tennis facilities for their teams. The combination of Sports Interiors LED and Liner Systems with our partners Playsight technology are being widely adopted by schools across the country as they want to offer the best indoor tennis experience for their teams. We look forward to seeing you at more ITA College Tennis events this fall and beyond.