Don’t Overlook Your Tennis Courts’ Ceiling

Have you ever thought about the different elements of an indoor tennis court and how to create the perfect playing experience for your club members? The type and level of lighting probably comes to mind first. Second, the playing surface of the court is taken into consideration. Flooring can range from rubberized or wooden to carpeted or a clay surface. Next, there needs to be proper spacing between the courts. However, how often have you thought about the ceiling of your club? Yes, your ceiling is a critical component of the playing experience and a reflective ceiling liner can improve tennis playing in more than one way.

The Benefits of a Reflective Ceiling Liner

A reflective ceiling liner is a great addition that should not be overlooked by tennis club owners. The following benefits should be carefully considered:

  • Provides an aesthetically appealing playing area. Unsightly structures can be hidden.

  • Minimizes heating and air conditioning costs. Helps to ensure the proper temperature is maintained for players too.

  • Improves light levels for overall better play while reducing the number of light fixtures required.

Installation Considerations

So now you have decided that a reflective ceiling liner is a valuable improvement to make to your club. However, before doing so consider these aspects about the installation process:

  • Work with a crew who specializes in installing ceiling liners for indoor tennis clubs.

  • For additional cost savings consider implementing insulation behind the liner at the time of installation.

  • Ensure the liner is one piece of material between the beams, pulled tight and mechanically affixed to the purlins and beams.

The Sports Interiors Advantage

Not all companies that work with reflective ceiling liners are created equal. Sports Interiors not only provides a superior reflective ceiling liner, but it also offers over 20 years of first-hand experience with this product. It is installed in every one of our 11 tennis clubs across the Midwest. The product has provided unmatched durability with not one puncture hole ever being experienced even after many years of play. Your club will never look like it is in disrepair because of our reflective ceiling liner.

Indoor tennis lighting systems

Indoor tennis lighting systems

This system is so well regarded that the 12 indoor tennis courts at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Flushing Meadows, New York have the reflective ceiling liner from Sports Interiors. We will also be installing our reflective ceiling liner at the USTA’s new Lake Nona Facility in Orlando.

Watch our before/after Video of Overland Park Racquet Club to witness the dramatic transformation.

Furthermore, Sports Interiors offers many attractive financing plans and even incentives if the reflective ceiling liner is purchased in conjunction with a LED lighting system. Contact us today at 847-948-5335 or visit our website at to learn more about how we can make your club stand out above the competition.