FAQ #2 - How much will it cost?

In the second edition of our Frequently Asked Questions series, I wanted to address one of the most important questions we receive…How much will this project cost? Athletic Clubs and indoor tennis facilities face the need to make facility upgrades for HVAC to repairing a leaky roof to installing new lighting. Facility upgrades can create a challenge when it comes to funding these projects Sports Interiors partners with CIT to offer financing packages for the improvements we deliver. Over the last few years, we’ve financed close to one hundred projects revolving around indoor tennis improvements. We’ve worked with CIT to create an easy application process similar to how Sports Interiors handles all of the paperwork for securing rebate money for our clients, we handle all the legwork to secure financing as well.

The combination of possible rebates along with energy and maintenance savings can create a financially compelling case to consider making improvements to an indoor tennis facility. Our financing package through CIT can offer a great option for those facility owners who don’t want to write one check, but rather spread the payments out over a couple years. We’ve encountered some of our clients where their monthly payment on the lease is less than the energy and maintenance savings which has allowed them to use that additional money for other projects.

If there’s interest in discussing our financing package and how we may be able to help you improve your facility, contact us.