FAQ #3 - How long does an installation take?

In the third edition of our Frequently Asked Questions series, we will address what happens after a facility has decided to make improvements to their indoor tennis court area, whether the plan includes to remove an old lighting system and install a new energy efficient LED system or install a highly durable and reflective Liner System to the ceiling or walls.  There are some companies that contract out the installation process, others that use a one man or two-man operation, and others such as Sports Interiors that handle the installation themselves.  One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is how long will the installation process take?  As a facility manager or owner, it’s important to understand how long your indoor tennis courts will be affected by an installation.

To begin with, the first consideration of the installation process is exactly what is being put into the facility and whether anything is being removed.  A very common project is one in which an older lighting system will be removed and replaced with a newer, more efficient lighting system.  Depending on the size of the facility (# of indoor tennis courts, layout, how busy the facility is) will heavily factor into how long a project takes to complete.  Logistical considerations include how to get scissor lifts into and out of the building, where to store installation material and equipment during the project and working around facility operations to minimize disruption to scheduled activities.  Lighting installations are typically a faster process than installing a Liner System to the ceiling.

Sports Interiors typically can remove an old lighting system and install our LED Tennis Lighting System over 4 indoor courts in about 4 days.  The length of the project depends on additional factors such as whether piping needs to be added, if we must work around HVAC equipment in the ceiling, and frankly, how busy the facility is.  For a project that includes installing the Liner System to a 4 indoor court facility, a conservative estimate of the duration of the project would be about a week and half.  The Liner installation is a much more labor-intensive process than the lighting.  Additionally, we can install insulation behind our Liner System which could mean a longer installation process.  Many factors come into play with an installation and therefore why Sports Interiors has invested in hiring personnel with project management experience in the construction industry, adding electricians and foremen to our crews, and creating an installation process that focuses on minimizing disruption to facility operations as much as possible.  Furthermore, our experienced crews that have been with us for years have the knowledge and skill to work around scheduled court times which has allowed for us to deliver more installations during the indoor tennis season and so facilities do not have to wait until the summer time for renovation projects. 

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