The process of improving indoor tennis facilities

From the time Sports Interiors initially connects with an indoor tennis facility to when our crews are putting the finishing touch on the implementation of our systems, we put an incredible amount of effort into ensuring that the entire process from start to finish is as efficient and easy as possible for our customers. With these types of ‘construction-style’ projects, there are always different challenges that seem to surface, especially with some of the larger dynamic facilities we’ve been lucky enough to work with. With over 26 years of experience not only working with indoor tennis facilities but owning and managing them, coupled with the head of our Operations Team having considerable experience working with a major construction company, we have all the pieces in place to deliver a turnkey implementation of our proven Systems. With the amount of preparation, planning, and execution we build into our implementation process, it allows our clients the peace of mind that they can focus on other aspects of their facility while our crews complete the installation. We take great pride in the work we do and view our customers not as a one-time client, but a long-term relationship where we hope to continue working with them throughout the years.

I wanted to share a brief testimonial we received from an indoor tennis facility where we recently completed implementation of our LED System:

“I want you all to know that we couldn’t be happier with our new lights!  We definitely chose the right vendor!  You arrived on time ready to go to work and finished the job on time as well with minimal disruption to our members.  Feel free to use us as a reference, I am happy to share my great experience.”

- Karey Welling, GM-Mount Park Racquet & Fitness

It really means a lot to us here at Sports Interiors when we receive feedback like this. We’re always working to improve and hope that if your facility is considering upgrades to your indoor tennis courts that we can discuss how Sports Interiors can help.