Guide to Indoor Tennis Facilities

Indoor tennis facilities need to be optimized around a few main considerations: experience/usability and savings. Obviously without these, the owner of the facility will encounter excessive energy and maintenance costs and the membership will have a negative playing experience. For example, an indoor tennis facility with an older lighting technology such as metal halide or even some of the fluorescent systems consume excessive energy and do not provide an appropriate experience when compared to a proven LED Lighting System designed for indoor tennis. Below is a brief video showing an indoor tennis facility before Sports Interiors installed both our LED and Liner Systems and then post-installation. Visually, you can see the dramatic difference in the light levels, quality of light, and overall improved aesthetics of the area.

Sports Interiors works with indoor tennis facility owners and managers to design a lighting layout to meet the facility’s lighting requirements or expectations along with following the common standards for light levels recommended by organizations such as the USTA, ITF, and our own experience as indoor tennis facility owners and managers over the last 30 years. An LED Lighting System designed for indoor tennis will not only improve the experience while dramatically reducing energy consumption which means the cost of converting to LED Tennis Lighting will actually pay for itself, creating a positive ROI.

The type of lighting fixture that is typically used for indoor tennis facilities is what’s referred to as high bay fixtures. High bay fixtures are meant for facilities with higher ceiling heights such as indoor tennis facilities where they can illuminate the entire playing area of the indoor tennis facility. When considering replacing your old lighting fixtures, the best option is to completely replace the fixtures and implement an entirely new fixture. Sports Interiors has worked with a number of indoor tennis facilities who attempted to retrofit their old high bay lighting fixtures with an LED bulb. It doesn’t work and is not a long term solution, because many of the old metal halide fixtures are not designed to house new technologies such as an LED bulb.

Lighting for indoor tennis is only one consideration among a number of others that owners should be thinking about when planning to upgrade their indoor court area. Another major consideration for indoor tennis facilities is what to do with the ceiling and wall areas..I will offer more information about this in our next post. As always, feel free to reach out to us about your indoor tennis facility and how we may be able to help you.