Renovations during the indoor tennis season?

As we near the end of September and the weather continues to cool (at least here in Chicago), many tennis players will start the migration back to regularly playing indoor over the next 6 months or more. With the transition back to indoor tennis, this typically means that indoor tennis facilities are much busier than over the summer. We recently received a few phone calls from facilities inquiring about our LED and Liner Systems for their indoor tennis courts and whether we’d be able to do an installation during the winter months. Traditionally, indoor tennis facilities prefer to do any sort of renovation during the summer months when their membership or teams are able to play outside. We wanted to address the question of whether renovations during the indoor season is possible and how it could be done where disruption to facility operations is minimized or even eliminated.

If you’ve been considering making improvements to your indoor tennis court area such as new lighting or installing a liner system to the ceiling and wall area, one of the first considerations is probably timing for the installation to occur. As I mentioned, most facilities we’ve worked with up until recently tend to prefer doing installations during the summer months or holidays, when their courts aren’t being used. Sports Interiors has leveraged it’s resources to develop a seamless implementation process where we can quickly install our systems and minimize disruption to facility operations. Those resources include our own indoor tennis facilities where we’ve tested our systems, hiring key personnel with extensive project management experience in the construction industry, and utilizing our own crews of electricians and installers who’ve been working with us for years. As tennis club owners, our founders understand the business of running successful operations which means having tennis courts available for the membership to use. Some other companies who do indoor tennis lighting contract out the electrical and installation work which can lead to a slower installation time frame and issues of inexperience working within a tennis facility.

Considering improvements to your indoor tennis court area can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Working with the right company who understands your business, has the experience of working with indoor tennis facilities, and can work around your scheduled court times to implement systems means not having to wait until the summer for possible rebate money, significant energy and maintenance savings, and the peace of mind that you’ve installed systems that will last for years. If you’d like to talk about how Sports Interiors approaches installations during the indoor season, we’d be happy to visit with you and discuss how we can quickly install our systems so that your membership can enjoy all the benefits of proven systems.