Project Announcement: Pleasant Valley Tennis & Fitness Club


Sports Interiors is traveling to Wisconsin this week to provide our Indirect LED lighting system to the Pleasant Valley Tennis & Fitness Club located in Jackson, WI. The facility has 8 indoor tennis courts and our team had previously been out to install our lighting and Reflective Ceiling Liner on the clubs 3 court side with the response from the staff and members being overwhelmingly positive. The success of our systems has prompted the club to further have our systems installed on the 5 court side and we could not be more excited to be returning to this fantastic facility.

The club is owned and managed by John Gambucci, who is a leader in his industry and is also a Gustavus Adolphus alumni like our VP’s in Operations and Sales at Sports Interiors. To learn more about John and his approach to the game of tennis you can read his bio by clicking here.

The Pleasant Valley Tennis & Fitness Club boasts state of the art facilities with 8 indoor courts, 5 outdoor courts and a training program designed to accommodate all ages and abilities. The fitness facility encompasses free weights, cardio machines, circuit training as well as a group studio. The Club also offers a comfortable lounge area and bar, attended day care, pro shop and locker rooms for men and women.

Be sure to check back in the coming weeks to see the before and after transformation on the 5 court side and to see what members and staff have to say on our latest installation.