Project Update: Corpus Christi Athletic Club

Corpus Christi Before.jpg
Corpus Christi After.jpg

Check out the before and after photos we were able to capture following our team’s successful completion of the indirect LED lighting and reflective ceiling liner project at Corpus Christi Athletic Club, Corpus Christi, TX. This impressive facility boasts 4 indoor tennis courts which include a viewing platform in between courts 1 and the remaining 2-4, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive from both members and ownership. The popular facility noted a need to continue having access to the tennis courts during the installations and our teams were able to provide access to courts while the work was taking place for both the lighting and liner portions of the project. Our liner was also installed on the gable and end walls which helped further increase the light levels. The end result was a successful and efficient installation that has given the indoor courts a new and fresh look. Be sure to check our their website here! To see more of our successful project photos, visit our gallery page by clicking here!