Spring is here...what are you doing to improve the indoor tennis experience?

With temperatures continuing to improve here in Chicago, I’m noticing more and more people beginning to play tennis outside. With the transition to outdoor tennis, it creates an opportunity for facilities with indoor courts to handle renovations such as court re-surfacing, putting in new lighting, or installing a new liner material for the ceiling.

Over the last 27 years, Sports Interiors has leveraged it’s own indoor tennis court areas to test the performance of it’s lighting and liner systems along with continually looking for ways to improve our implementation process. In addition, we’ve hired more personnel on our Operations Team to help with project planning and helping with securing financial incentives through utility companies. The extensive amount of work we’ve put into improving our implementation process has led to an increased demand in our services for both our LED Tennis Lighting System along with our Liner System over the last few months. Not only are we able to dramatically improve the indoor tennis playing experience with our Systems, but we deliver a quick installation process and maintain consistent communications with the facility personnel to keep them updated on the status of the project. The entire process from start to finish that we deliver has allowed us to manage multiple projects at the same time and drastically increase the number of implementations we’ve done during the indoor season.

As your facility begins the transition to more outdoor tennis play, it’s a good time to consider making some improvements to the indoor tennis courts whether it’s for new lighting, liner or insulation. Contact Sports Interiors to learn more about our approach to improving the indoor tennis experience.