What makes the ideal indoor tennis facility?

In terms of indoor tennis facilities, no two are the same.  As a junior tennis player, I always enjoyed the opportunity to experience the different indoor tennis facilities around the Midwest with the different tennis court layouts, various types of lighting being used, and dissimilar court color combinations.  Most of the facilities I’ve encountered had pretty good indoor tennis layouts that delivered an environment where I could see the tennis ball well throughout the course of play.  With technology infiltrating so many aspects of tennis, it’s no surprise that we’re experiencing facilities across the country upgrading their indoor tennis court area with resurfaced tennis courts, installing LED lighting, and implementing systems such as Playsight.  With the varying types of indoor tennis facilities available and really no uniformity to what’s required other than abiding by the dimensions of the tennis courts and height of the net, is there an ideal indoor tennis environment?  Obviously, this depends on the level of tennis being played as a professional tennis tournament being televised has rather strict requirements for such things as light levels.  From the standpoint of a typical athletic club facility catering to the recreational tennis player, we can certainly agree there are at least some expectations for an adequate indoor tennis environment. 

From the perspective of a tennis player, we can all agree that we’re expecting an indoor tennis environment where one can clearly the tennis ball through the course of a point.  Visibility can be greatly enhanced by bright, indirect lighting.  With LED technology available, indoor tennis facilities can implement lighting that dramatically improves not just the light levels, but the quality of light.  Properly applied LED technology can deliver a world class indoor tennis experience.  In addition to the lighting, applying a durable, white liner system to the ceiling and walls of indoor tennis facilities can help to boost light levels, improve light distribution, and deliver an overall aesthetically improved indoor tennis environment.  Further, the color of the tennis court along with the back tarps can greatly improve visibility for players.  As an example, US Open blue has been a widely popular tennis court color as well as for back tarps as it seems to help with tracking the tennis ball. 

Improving an indoor tennis facility not only benefits the tennis participants, but also the facility owners gain from upgrades such as new lighting or installing insulation in the ceiling and walls.  Implementing energy efficient lighting typically includes some sort of an incentive through the various utility programs.  Additionally, installing insulation behind a liner system applied to the ceiling and walls can sometime involve rebate money.  Investing in proven systems of LED technology and Liner Systems can lead to 20+ years of wonderful lighting and an overall top-notch indoor tennis experience.  Not to mention the near elimination of maintenance such as not having to replace light bulbs or ballasts. 

While indoor tennis facilities vary in the experience they deliver, it’s never been a better time to be a tennis player or owner with technology helping to improve facilities from both a performance and financial standpoint.  Contact Sports Interiors to learn more about our approach to improving indoor tennis.