The Makings of a Good Tennis Coach

Tennis is often called the “sport for a lifetime” as we mentioned in our previous blog. If this is true, then it is important that you select the right tennis coach. You must consider many qualities when selecting this person. Some may be related to personality traits while others are better defined by experience. However, you may have certain goals for yourself when learning to play this sport so these should be taken into consideration too before hiring a tennis coach.The characteristics to look for should not be overly complex. Below are the top qualities we think you should consider during this selection process.


The tennis coach you select should not only be an advocate of the game, but he should be very passionate about the sport. There is no substitute for someone who has a genuine enthusiasm for tennis. This key quality often translates into a coach who is concerned about the progress of every student he teaches. Without a passionate coach, it is very difficult for a student himself to be motivated about the sport.


When selecting any type of mentor, credentials should be a key consideration. Two types of credentials to consider are from the USPTA (United States Professional Tennis Association) or the USPTR (United States Professional Tennis Registry). Both organizations provide instructor certifications. With the USPTA certification, a coach will take a written test and demonstrate his skills on the tennis court as well. This certification process takes place over two days. While the USPTR provides six different levels of certification depending upon the type of students (i.e. children under 10, seniors, wheel chair tennis players, etc.) the instructor will be teaching. Again, to become certified there will be a written test as well as a demonstration of tennis playing ability on the court.

Experience Level

The playing experience of a tennis coach can be another indicator of competency. You should consider his level of teaching experience. Did he teach previously only at summer camps or does he possess year-round experience that produced club champions, country club players or perhaps even national champions? Finally, take into consideration the number of years he has been playing tennis as well as the number of years he has been teaching the sport.

Communication Skills and Personality

Regardless of your tennis coach’s credentials and experience, it is key that he communicate clearly and concisely with you. Pay close attention to how he expresses himself. In conjunction with communication skills is personality. Not all personalities between coaches and students mesh. It is critical during initial conversations to look for personality traits that suit you best.

We at Sports Interiors, not only produce leading-edge indoor tennis lighting systems, but we also manage eleven tennis clubs around the Midwest and employ some of the best in the tennis industry. We realize selecting the right tennis coach is critical for achieving your goals. This process should not be taken lightly, and we hope you consider the qualities listed above before you hire your next tennis coach.