Working Through the Often Forgotten World of Rebates

There are many reasons to consider LED lighting for your tennis club. They can range from substantial energy and maintenance savings to dramatically improved light quality and a reduced overall carbon footprint. You may think these are excellent reasons to install LED lighting, but you may still be concerned about the immediate cost. Well, are you aware of the rebate programs available, which can help defray the expense and ensure an enhanced lighting system fits into your budget?

Rebates Abound

Energy rebates are quite abundant. The Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency website is a great resource for rebates available throughout the country. You can click on your state on the site’s country map, which then directs you to a database that not only covers rebates, but also grant programs, green building incentives, solar/wind policies, and much more.

Rebate programs may have their nuances, but typically they fall into two different categories – prescriptive and custom.

  • A prescriptive rebate is fairly straightforward. The utility or agency offering the rebate gives specific guidelines about energy-saving upgrades, and the rebate amount you will receive for performing those upgrades.

  • A custom rebate is based on the actual amount of energy saved.

The Workings of a Rebate Program

As mentioned previously, there is not one rebate program that covers the entire United States. We have experience with many different programs since we have been installing LED lighting systems in tennis clubs across the country. Some are quite complex while others are substantially easier. One of the best programs we have experienced is offered by the energy company, ComEd, right in our home state of Illinois. First, the company’s website is user friendly. On the site you easily can locate a pre-approval form, which includes questions regarding the number of fixtures currently installed, the wattage being used, and the number of hours per day the lights are on, etc. After the form is submitted to ComEd, and has gone through the approval process, you will be informed of the amount of money you will receive for your project. In addition, you will be given a certain period of time in which it should be used. However, if the project is not completed within the specified time period usually an extension is normal operating procedure. Once the project is finalized, a post inspection typically will occur to confirm you installed the fixtures as specified. After the inspection, the rebate money will be sent to the utility customer or can be assigned to the company who does the implementation.

Sports Interiors can Help

Sports Interiors is not your average tennis lighting company. As part of our turnkey solution, we handle the legwork of the rebate process and have secured over $1.5 million in rebates for our customers during just the last 18 months. We handle the paperwork with the utility company directly, and deal with the “back and forth” often experienced. In addition, Sports Interiors offers financing programs to simplify the overall process even further. Your rebate can even be used to help offset the overall amount you plan to finance, creating a very financially compelling opportunity to implement a proven, LED tennis lighting system. Furthermore, the combination of rebates and our financing package have allowed many of our customers the opportunity to implement our Reflective Ceiling Liner as well, creating the optimal indoor tennis playing experience. For further details on how we can help you with your next tennis lighting or ceiling liner project, contact us today at 847-948-5335 or visit our website at