Don’t Let the Wrong Tennis Lighting Reflect Poorly on Your Club

Lighting is a critical component for indoor tennis. Here are some important considerations prior to investing in tennis lighting.


This is an extremely important factor that should not be under estimated. There are many lighting companies that claim to be experts in tennis lighting, but very few offer years of experience specializing in tennis lighting.

For 24 years, the founding Van Dixhorn family has owned and operated tennis clubs across the Midwest. This has allowed our company to test out lighting fixtures in our own clubs to perfect the application prior to installation at a customer’s facility.

Electricians and crews with experience in installing tennis lighting are an essential factor for successfully implementing a tennis lighting system. There are many different factors to think about when installing a lighting system in an indoor tennis club compared to other areas of an athletic club. Different tennis playing scenarios need to be considered such as the reflectivity of the ceiling, the positioning of the lights, and the overall court layout. Our electricians have mastered the efficient installation process as they have worked in just about every type of indoor tennis court layout imaginable.

An experienced team also can ensure a lighting installation is much more efficient and cost effective. Many members of the Sports Interiors crew have over 20 years of experience installing indoor tennis lighting systems. In 2016 alone, Sports Interiors installed over 70 tennis LED lighting systems. Our team can install a lighting system on 8 to 9 courts in just a few days and work around scheduled court times to minimize or avoid disruption to club operations. Electricians less versed in tennis lighting have been known to take weeks for the same type of project. Having your tennis courts unavailable for hours versus weeks, means increased revenue and more satisfied club members.

Turnkey Solution

Partnering with a lighting company that can offer a turnkey solution can end up saving you time and money. Our goal is to make the process of implementing new tennis lighting as easy as possible for our customers.

Sports Interiors offers financing options, performs the legwork necessary to secure the rebate, and manages the entire process from start to finish for you.

The Right Product, the Right Partner

You want to make sure that the tennis lighting company you contract with has strong relationships with reputable manufacturers that also understand the industry. Sports Interiors has incredibly strong relationships with our partners for both LED lighting and reflective ceiling liners. By working with these leading companies, Sports Interiors offers products that are at the forefront of technology, known for top-notch quality and service, and provide the best warranties in the industry.

Going with a Proven Leader

The tennis community is close knit and maintaining a good reputation is critical so why not go with a proven leader in the tennis lighting industry? Sports Interiors offers not only the best tennis lighting solutions, but a knowledgeable team with expertise unmatched by the competition. For your next tennis lighting project turn to the proven leader, turn to Sports Interiors. Contact us today at 847-948-5335 or visit our website at