Sports Interiors Client Testimonials

Incredible! The improvements made are a complete game changer for us! Reviews are off the charts!
— Anthony Posella | Owner of Warren Health and Racquet Club, Warren NJ
I want to thank Sports Interiors for the great job you did with the USTA National Campus Indoor Building. I have already gotten several positive comments from the Player Development staff and the staff in general.
— Joe Crowley | Senior Director of Facility Operations, USTA National Campus
These new LED fixtures are out of this world. This is literally going from night to day. It is 100% better and the compliments we’ve received have been unbelievable. If you’re looking to put new lights in, it is a no-brainer.
— Steve Stricker | PGA Tour Professional and Owner, Cherokee Country Club, Madison, WI
The new light levels are incredible and installation of the LED lights have cleaned up the entire look of our tennis courts. What was once a maze of metal halide lights, is now open air which provides a great viewing environment. Sports Interiors and their professional staff made sure that all our needs were met. From scheduling through implementation, the entire process was seamless and almost invisible to our members. Sports Interiors delivered in every way.
— Matt Remick | Owner, Rochester Athletic Club
Awesome job! I must say I didn’t expect your team to breeze through the installation so fast and the level of lighting exceeded my expectations. Thanks for your efforts and for pushing us to make the switch.
— Scott Marshall | Owner, Tennis Center at Sand Point, Seattle, WA
Sports Interiors significantly improved our lighting. I’m talking by about 70 or 80 percent. Without question, the members comment all the time that it is a pleasure to play. We feel like we have a brand new club.
— Steve Contardi | Owner, The Club at Harper's Point
I can’t say enough about the service that was provided...on time, really quick...everything they said they were going to do. I recommend Sports Interiors very highly. This is a breakthrough.
— Dennis Tiziani | Owner, Cherokee Country Club, Madison, WI
Some very good news. The staff and everyone around has made a point of letting me know how nice, pleasant, courteous, etc. all of your workers have been.
— Jim Hendrix | Owner, Racquet Club of Columbus, Columbus, OH
Getting great reviews on the new LED lighting...everyone is thrilled with the results.
— Kip Heilman | General Manager, Athletic Club of Bend, Bend, OR
From the moment our members walked into the club it was really a wow factor. When you couple the new LED lighting with the ceiling system, they work well together. The way things look and feel helps add value to our membership.
— Scott Fenton | General Manager, Overland Park Racquet Club, Overland Park, KS
We are hosting part of the ITA regional this weekend (we are the 2nd site, the main site is the Ohio State Varsity Tennis Center). All of the talk is about our lights. Several coaches stopped by my office to ask about the lights. Western Michigan and Marquette were the most interested, but other schools were seriously looking at new lighting. The fixture was a very big hit. People were fascinated. At least 5 coaches took my card and asked if they could follow up with me, or have their AD’s call. I told them where the lights came from – Sports Interiors. As players go back and forth between Racquet Club and OSU, I bet more and more players and coaches will express interest in the LED lighting (it is stunning how much different and better our lights are than the OSU lights, which are not that bad in their own right).
— Jim Hendrix | Owner, Racquet Club of Columbus, Columbus, OH